Official Bio

Jimmy James Page is a San Francisco Bay Area artist who wears many hats. The New Jersey native has toured all over the world as a powerful sideman on keyboards.

Among the many acts he has played with are Martha Reeves and The Vandellas, The Shirelles, Lydia Pense and Cold Blood, Alfie Zappacosta and the national touring company “American Jukebox.”

But even his bandmates may not know Jimmy's real passion and greatest strength: writing and performing his own songs.

He’s out to change this.

Lyrically and musically sophisticated, his jazz-inflected swing tunes and heartfelt and inspirational piano ballads reward listeners by expanding what can be expressed in a pop song. His bluesy baritone voice and soulful piano playing contribute to passionate performances where the music has been described as “a cross between Lyle Lovett and Steely Dan.”

As a two time winner of the West Coast Songwriters “Song Of The Year Award,” Jimmy has performed twice at their prestigious “Sunset Concert,” sharing the stage with legendary songwriters Sara Bareilles, Bonnie Hayes, Michael Silversher and Steve Seskin.

"That song's a hit.....that's all genius". Three time Grammy winner Narada Micahel Walden on hearing Jimmy's  "Heaven On Earth"

“I’m putting in my request now. In my next life, I want Jimmy James Page’s voice.” Steve Seskin, songwriter- "Grown Men Don't Cry", "Don't Laugh At Me"