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  1. Wild Horses
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Wild Horses

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With one foot out of the house you start screaming you hate me
I hold my tongue and slowly count to ten
And I wait for the door to slam but tonight it shows no mercy
There's no telling where this is gonna end

You yell you can’t survive in this captivity
And things’d work out fine if you could just live free
(And in your eyes I see)

Wild horses
Daring to outrace the wind
Wild horses
Would rather die than be broken in

Childhood no longer is able to hold you
Manhood taunts from just beyond your grasp
I pray that these battles are all just a phase
And that one fine day we'll make peace with our past

But now your reckless soul and your fearlessness
Are stampeding and I’m scared to death
(And I close my eyes and see)


I can't lead you to the water
Let alone make you drink one drop
You don’t have to accept my love
But I’m never gonna stop... loving you

Wild horses
Like a never-ending river they run
Wild horses
In silhouette against the sun
Wild horses
Daring to outrace the wind
Would rather die than be broken in