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  1. Time For Love
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Time For Love

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Garth Webber- Bass, Guitar



I'm rushing out as you're rolling in
You give me a peck on the cheek and a hi how you been
I say the kitchen's a mess 'cause the kids just ate
But I can't talk now you know I'm running late

We leave notes for each other all over our home
We whisper sweet nothings into the phone
And when we're in bed you can bet were asleep
And it feels like a stranger lying next to me

And the clock keeps ticking faster
And the day's never long enough
We need a change of pace a little face to face
It's time to find some time for love

A Caribbean cruise might be out of our reach
But let's drive up the coast find a spot near the beach
No penthouse but how 'bout a tent for two
Gotta get back to nature just me and you


Always running down the wrong road
Right past the things that matter most
From dawn till dusk we slave away
Saving... for that rainy day