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Maybe I Don't Love You Anymore

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Vincent Lars- Sax extraordinaire



The champagne's on ice and the stars dance for free
I'm gonna sip away the night on this balcony
Alone without a care on the 27th floor
Maybe I don't love you anymore

I'm gonna raise my glass to the man in the moon
I'm gonna toast every ghost in this empty room
My heart don't need a crowd to hide in like before
Maybe I don't love you anymore

I wish I had a cigarette I haven't tasted one in years
I'd blow smoke rings in the air just to watch them disappear
I catch myself whistling a tune one that you used to hum
Funny how the melody lingers after the music is done

Till I see that morning sky I won't know for sure
But I got this feeling
I don't love you anymore
Maybe I don't love you anymore