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Listening To The Rain

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I drove up late last night to this old cabin in the hills
Escaping for a day or maybe two
Weary of the city I wanted to see the morning sky
From a different point of view

I didn’t pack too much I’d hoped the April sun would shine
Just my luck to be greeted by this storm
Now I’m sitting by this wood stove feet up head back
Eyes closed just trying to stay warm

And a symphony plays a soft refrain
Just for me listening to the rain
Like teardrops it falls upon the window pane
I’m listening listening to the rain

I think about my life got two children and a wife
Still there’s an emptiness I can never seem to fill
I wonder when I lost the fire the passion and desire
As I throw on one more log to fight the chill


As the showers soak the trees and drench the fallen leaves
May the waters cleanse my soul as they wash all over me

Bringing life anew to a dried out river bed
Drowning out this racket rumbling in my head