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Fly Away

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It's a comfy home he gets lots to eat
Every holiday there's a special treat
There's a mirror hung for him just so
He can see his fine feathered coat
Got a wheel that spins and a bar that swings
He's not wanting for material things
No work to do no one to serve
Isn't he one lucky bird

(But) all he ever wanted was to flee that cage and fly away
Higher and higher on the wings of his desire
All he ever wanted was the chance to see who he could be
Is he a little like you, he's a little like me

She leaves home at six spends the whole damn day
In some cubicle painted pastel grey
It's windowless but instead of sun
She gets health and dental and a 401
She's got a chair that spins and a screen that's flat
Wireless this and high speed that
And sometimes she sits there just stares at the wall
And feels nothing at all


His cage was made of metal
Hers was made of poverty
And you and I we do our time
In the shadows of abandoned dreams


Fly away fly away