Eulogies For The Living

I lost a good friend recently. The musicians, whom he had carefully assembled for his band, were waiting onstage prior to a performance when we got the news that he had suffered a heart attack while preparing to leave for the gig. R.I.P. Johnny T.
He had an elaborate and well attended funeral at a large church in San Francisco. From the podium, people from various walks of life eulogized him and it was comforting to realize that, as I had loved him, so too had many others.

Moving from the specific to the general, as this has nothing to do with JT, I got to thinking about eulogies and how they seem to focus on all that is good and outstanding about an individual while at the same time downplaying all of the undesirable attributes. And I questioned why i should wait for someone to die to give them the benefit of the doubt. Why not try to see that person in their best light while they are still breathing?  Of course it's easier said then done and let's face it, many of us, myself included, harbor some really deep-seated resentments. But it could be so powerful and even life transforming. The next time I'm feeling hatred towards someone maybe i'll pretend I'm eulogizing them. I'd close my eyes and walk up to that podium. What positive things would I have to say? And maybe…. just leave it at that.

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