Ch ch ch ch changes

Hi and welcome to my first blog to be posted on my very first website. Do I seem a little nervous? I should because i keep hearing a voice asking "what do you think you're doing here"?
I do my best to ignore it but I can't see ahead and I have no idea where all this is leading. But sometimes you just have to jump in and start swimming. Besides the water rushing by one's ears is a great tonic to silence all those doubtful voices that love to swirl around and fill any otherwise empty cavity.

So by means of introduction, I'm Jimmy James Page a singer and songwriter from the San Francisco Bay Area. I intend to write about things that will have meaning to music lovers but I also have every intention of veering off course when the whim strikes me.

So, getting back to the task at hand, i ask myself "how different is writing a blog from writing a song?" In both cases:

1. You want to start with a memorable/catchy title. (how did I do with this blog?)
2. You want an intro that will draw a listener/viewer in.
3. You want a strong ending, preferably one that will tie back to some idea/theme that you started with.
4. Use of metaphors gives the listener/reader some imagery and help them find deeper meaning
5. Honesty reigns king. (at least in my book.)

Anybody care to add to this list? Songwriters and non-musos alike are welcome to chime in.

Interesting.... once I started writing, that nagging "voice" decrescendoed into nothingness. What I'd give to drown it forever.
I think I'm going to like this.

-Jimmy James Page

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